It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is. It can still even be a start-up. Regardless, what you’ll want to start doing right away is to grow your audience on social media. The best way to do that is to work on your business’s social media profile.

Who are you? What does your business do? What kind of value does your business add to consumers? What makes your business stand out? More importantly, where is your business located and how can customers reach out to your business?

Mind you, these are fairly basic questions. Yet, surprisingly enough, many businesses often leave this important information out far too often.

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How to Improve Your Business’ Social Media Profile

  • Start With the Name. Common sense dictates that you should use the name of your business on its social media profile, and it’s true, most of the time. Use the name that your business is recognized for, or what you want it to be recognized as.
  • Use the Right Username and URL. In addition to your display name, you’re allowed to choose your username and your URL, which is usually your username. If possible, just go with the name of your business or company, and more importantly, try to use the same username and/or URL across multiple social media platforms.
  • Don’t Forget the Logo. The logo is essentially the fact of your company or business. Use it. In the same vein as using the same username and/or URL across multiple social media platforms, use the same logo or photo as well. This makes it easier for your customers to recognize your business or company.
  • Let Them Know Who You Are. Just as how you carefully crafted your profile on your favorite dating app or website, you should do the same with your business’s social media profile. Let your customers know who you are and what you are all about. Tell them your story. Use words to paint a picture in their minds about your business and what kind of value it brings to them and/or their businesses. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your contact details and operating hours, as well as your business address.
  • Use the Right Strategy for the Right Platforms. It pays to be on multiple platforms as a catch-all strategy. However, you shouldn’t approach each platform the same way. Even though your posts across multiple platforms should be identical, you should customize each post just enough to fit the platform that they are on. Case in point, linking to the right pages can make a difference in terms of landing a sale.

    Not to mention, each social media platform is populated by a different demographic with unique interests. Because of this, it pays to know who your audiences are in each particular platform so you can adjust your marketing strategy towards catering to what they like.

  • Quality over Quantity. Your business isn’t the first to use social media to its advantage. It certainly won’t be the last. This means that you have your work cut out for you as far as making your business stand out and unique.

    But instead of focusing on trying to tap into every marketing opportunity afforded to you by social media, your business is better off focusing its resources on creating quality content using carefully handpicked channels. This way, your focus isn’t on tapping every single network. Instead, your focus is on creating value with every post.

    Remember, social media is all about making connections and building relationships. It’s not simply a platform for you to advertise and sell your products. If you do that, you’ll be turning off more customers than you’d be attracting them. But, if you focus on quality content that’s honest, relatable, and human, you allow your business to connect with its target audience, which, in turn, creates engagement and eventually, brand loyalty.

    For small businesses, it’s best to focus on one or two social media channels early on.

  • Measure, Improve, and Refine. The best thing about using social media for your business is that it creates measurable data. Using this, you can track how well your strategies are going, improve on strategies that aren’t working out as well as you’d hoped, and refine strategies that are already working well but need a bit of improvement.

    Don’t make big changes out of the blue though. Instead, make small changes using A/B testing to see what works and what doesn’t.

Start Working on Your Business Social Media Profile Today

Social media is the great equalizer. It’s the weapon that businesses of all sizes can use to their advantage. It helps all businesses connect, reach out, and increase awareness of their respective brands.

But before you can use social media to your advantage, you need to work on your social media profile first. Working on your business’ social media profile allows you to build a solid foundation that you can then use to build on via your social media marketing efforts.

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